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Main targets set for the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine

27.08.2015 | 16:05

targets set for the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine

in the Cabinet of Ministers Action Programme and in the Coalition Agreement


New cultural policy

1)     To bring main tasks and functions of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in line with European principles and practices. To reform the structure of the Ministry.


2)     To elaborate and implement the Ukrainian Humanitarian Policy Strategy ( year 2015)


3)     Cultural Policy Strategy entry into legal force aiming at establishing the cross-sectoral cooperation in economic and humanitarian spheres. Harmonization the Cultural Policy Strategy with other national level strategies and programme documents


4)     To create and to assist in passing a law About national cultural product (year 2015) aiming at creating and distribution of national cultural product music, movies, TV and Radio programmes. Main instruments of support should be: tax incentives for producers and distributors, cultural institutions; supplemental state financing mechanism; private investment encouraging; quota for national cultural product on TV and Radio, movie and book markets. Founding the National Cultural Fund with the transparent access for the state and non-governmental cultural institutions


5)     Attraction of the new sources for culture financing (2015-2016)


6)     Optimization, modernization, computerization (with wideband Internet) of the library-network; renewal of the library-stocks; using the library premises for holding art and cultural events

Digitization and Internet access to the books and documents from the libraries and archives

State stimulation of reading, book publishing industry and book distribution, including ramified book-selling network and saving the tax breaks for book publishing industry. Working out the readingprogramme.


7)     State support for the innovative activity of the museums of all patterns of ownership in order to help millions of Ukrainians and foreign tourists to get acquainted with Ukrainian culture and to transform the museums into the training centers for museum experts. Attracting private investments to reforming state and municipal museums infrastructure.


8)     To cancel the old-fashioned system of ranks and decorations in cultural sphere


9)     To provide state guarantee for using all languages in everyday private life and  in contacts between people, at the same time guaranteeing the steadfast using of Ukrainian language as the single state language in all the spheres of life on all the territory of Ukraine. To protect the right of Ukrainians to get access to education, culture and services in Ukrainian. To stimulate foreign language learning, especially the languages of European Union countries.


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