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Cultural Heritage

The Department for Control over Displacing of Cultural Property and Protection of Cultural Heritage is responsible for elaboration and implementation of state policy in the field of cultural heritage.


The Department has developed a comprehensive complex of measures aimed at protecting and increasing the national cultural heritageThe measures are focused at:

preventing and combating contraband and illegal trafficking in cultural property;

ensuring free and transparent procedure of returning confiscated cultural values to state revenue;

development of foreign cooperation on return of illegally exported cultural property in the framework of relevant intergovernmental commissions and international organizations;

development of cooperation with the Ukrainian diaspora in order to return cultural values (works of art, sculptures, archival materials, memorial items) belonging to famous Ukrainians living abroad to Ukraine;

maintenance of State Registers of cultural property.


The Department also coordinates and controls activities of the National historical and cultural reserves subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.



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