Ukraine has a multistage and continuous system of training in the field of culture and creativity, which includes all levels of education:

- Elementary Art School;

- Higher cultural and artistic education;

- Post-graduate studies;

- Doctoral studies.


This system consists of a number of educational institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine:

- Primary specialized art schools (schools of esthetic education);

- Specialized art school (boarding schools);

- Higher education institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation.


The main tasks for cultural and arts education in Ukraine are:

- enabling accessibility of overall esthetic art education for all children;

- increasing the prestige of artistic professions;

improvement of legal and regulatory framework of the cultural and arts education;

- strengthening social protection of teachers of cultural education;

renewal of musical instruments in music education institutions;

reformation of the system of training and skills development according to the real needs of industry for qualified professionals;

publication of contemporary textbooks and manuals for educational institutions.


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